Body Boarding

Body boarding is a water sport in which the surfer rides a body board on the crest, face, and curl of a wave which is carrying the surfer towards the shore.
At Discover Water sports, we give you a chance to ride and learn from our seasoned experts. They have all detailed knowledge and experience to make the learner and the expert body boarder comfortable. The renting is on hourly basis and very much in your budget. You will get the chance to ride and learn with and from seasoned professionals respectively. We have all the technical know-how and experience to ensure beginners as well as well-trained body boarders get their money’s worth.
Body boarding is one the easiest and most fun water sport suitable for almost every age group. On an average, a body board is made up of hydrodynamic foam that is short and rectangular in shape. Also known as Boogie Boarding after Tom Morey’s invention of the famous Boogie Board, body boarding requires a surfer to ride the board on his crest & face and consequently the underbelly of a wave that when done properly, should carry him/her to the shore.

Body Boarding

Body Boarding

Body boarding is one the easiest and most fun water sport suitable for almost every age group.



Body boarding is the closest thing to your heart is closer to the water, your eyes are nearly touching the ocean.

Waves always look bigger on a body board: when you’re lying down, it is always breaking overhead-high.

Body boards fit in the car’s trunk: forget surf racks, and transporting surfboards inside the car – body boards are smart and portable.

The speed sensation is bigger and better: because your eyes are one foot above the surface of the water, and swim fins provide extra boost .

Only body boarders can drop into vertical wave faces: body boards grant access to waves that stand up surfers can’t technically ride.

LOCATION -:Calangute – Baga

Things To Carry

Sunglasses, Extra pair of clothes, Hat, Sunscreen, Camera


It a small and portable board for the chest while you surf.
A pair of clothes and sun tan cream.
– ! hour (Rs.1500 +5 %GST)