• Discover Water Sports is ONLY a tour service provider. It does not operate a tour of it is on own. It provides a comprehensive choice of tours, different departure times, and prices to customers through its online travel portal.
  • Discover Water Sports responsibilities include: (1)Issuing a valid ticket (a ticket that will be accepted by the tour operator) for its tour with best-discounted rates. Providing refund and support in the event of cancellation
    Providing customer support and information in case of any inconvenience
  • Discover Water Sports responsibilities do NOT include: (1)The Tour operators not departing/operating on time (2)The tour operators employees being rude (3)The tour operators Equipment, rides, transportation, etc not being up to the customer’s expectations (4)The tour operator canceling the trip due to unavoidable reasons (5)The baggage of the customer getting lost/ stolen/damaged (6)The tour operator changing a customers seat at the last minute to accommodate a lady/child (7)The customer waiting at the wrong boarding point (please call us to find out the exact boarding point if you are not sure of it)
  • The departure times mentioned on the ticket are only tentative timings however the tour will not start before the time that is mentioned on the ticket.
  • Customers are required to furnish the following at the time of boarding : (1)A copy of the ticket (A print out of the ticket or ticket received on e-mail/Whatsapp Confirmation number). (2)A valid identity proof wherever required.
  • In case the tour operator changes or reduces the ride/activities mentioned in the tour brochure due to some reason, Discover Water Sports will refund the differential amount to the customer upon being intimated by the customers within 24 hours of the journey.
  • In case a booking confirmation e-mail and SMS gets delayed or fails because of technical reasons or as a result of incorrect e-mail ID/phone number provided by the user etc, a ticket will be considered “booked” as long as the ticket shows up on the confirmation page of
  • Amenities for the tour as shown on have been configured and provided by the tour provider These amenities will be provided unless there are some exceptions on certain days. Please note that
  • Discover Water Sports provides this information in good faith to help customers to make an informed decision. The liability of the amenity not being made available lies with the operator and not with Discover Water Sports
  • The tour operator will be liable for any personal damage or accident caused due to the negligence of tour operator staff and their equipment.
  • Tour service provider/operator will not be liable for any compensation or payments for the loss/ Accident caused to the customer due to their own negligence or for not following proper rules and regulations set by the operator.

Refund Policies

  • Full refund in case of cancellations done well in advance which is more than a week time
  • 10% payments will be deducted if the tour is canceled within the week of departure/tour date
  • 25% payments will be deducted if the tour is canceled within 3 days of departure/tour date
  • 50% payments will be deducted if the tour is canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled departure/tour date
  • 100% payments will be deducted if the tour is canceled on the same day of departure/tour date

Refund Payments

All Payments made online will be refunded through online banking to the same card only. No Cash refund will be made under any circumstances.