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Surfing is one of the most under-rated water sports in India. Goa is perfect for surfing beginners, mainly for its abundant surfing schools, and mellow swells for getting comfortable with the waves.
Surfing in Goa — unthinkable just a decade ago — is steadily gaining popularity and this wonderful sport is no longer an exotic activity in the Arabian Regardless of whether just for interest or an a serious game , wave surfing is an fabulous that guarantees once in a lifetime experience.

Jet Ski Basic
Rs. 300

Jet Ski Basic

JET ski Adventure in Goa is one of the most loved water sports.jet ski in Goa is a standout among the most well known sports that happens on water. The capacity to achieve high speeds while on a watercraft that is anything but difficult to control is alluring to many individual.



With great weather and a seemingly endless coastline, Ashwem beach, Pernem has the perfect combination of climate and waves to start your surfing journey.

This package is designed to put a smile on your face with surfing tuition that teaches you surfing skills in a fun and safe environment. Build a strong foundation through proper form and technique that will help you learn faster and progress quicker to make the most of your surfing time in Pernem. If you are new to surfing or if you have had some surfing experience but are not yet able to paddle into green waves under your own steam and confidently turn left and right across the face of the wave, then this is the right package for you. This place is the ideal destination for the discerning surf traveler who is looking for a relaxing, stress free holiday, while scoring some great waves.

Things To Carry

Towel, Sun block cream

Embark in this exciting surfing that offers adventure junkies to enjoy the benefits and thrills associated with surfing.


Sun tan cream, extra pair of clothes if you like. Morjim Beach.
Swimming will be an additional advantage while doing any water sports activity.
Depending on the tide. Always call the office number which is mentioned on the web site.
No we cannot surf in Sept as all sea activities are closed for the monsoon.