About Parasailing at Baga Beach

There are such variety of fun shorelines exercises offered by Discover Water sports, that you can partake in amid your gate away in Goa and one of them is parasailing in boat.
Goa is a land of fun and adventure and the best parasailing tours in Goa offer you a fine taste of all of that. Parasailing is for those who have a strong heart and no fear of water. In case you are scared of water you must not opt for parasailing as it will cause a panic attack in you. A lot of people go in for winch parasailing at the Mobor Beach. Winch parasailing takes you high above in the air. You go on the winch boat in the sea and from there you go parasailing. This tour takes about 10 minutes in all. It is a unique experience which requires complete professional assistance and gear. Winch parasailing is done alone so you should be ready for the plunge. This adventure activity offers you memories for a lifetime. Just wear proper safety gear so as to avoid any chances of accident. You must carry extra clothing and towels as the dip in water will leave you all wet and dirty.
It also includes speed boat ride. Exciting Speed Boat Rides In Goa. Many water sport enthusiasts find it hard to compare the thrill of a Speed Boat Ride with any other water based ride.. There’s no better feeling than having the fresh sea water and breeze splash on your face and flow through your hair respectively while you speed through the open seas at top speed. Water sport lovers will surely enjoy the view of the shoreline, white sands and foamy waves as they skim over the turquoise sea water.

Discover Parasailing Basic
Rs. 900

Discover Parasailing Basic

Parasailing ,is a recreational kiting movement where a man is towed behind a boat while appended to a particularly designed canopy wing that help one to remember a parachute , known as a parasailing wing.



Transport : Non AC Transportation

Things To Carry

Swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts, Towel, Sunscreen cream, Hat, Sunglasses.

Other Inclusions: Water Bottles, 1 Soft Drinks/1 Beer, Biryani (veg/Non-veg)


10  minutes

Here comes an extensive adventurous trip for those ardent lovers of the turquoise waters of Goa. This trip mainly consists of multiple water sports satisfying both adults and kids equally.
Beer and soft drinks are served on your journey to Private Island where you will enjoy Dolphin spotting and chance to go fishing on the way. During the trip, enjoy water sports activities like Jet Ski, Kayaking, Banana Ride, Crab catching, Bird watching and swimming in the vicinity of Island.


Anytime between 6am to 4pm.Call the office to get complete details.
Have a look at the different packages we have with Height, Dip, Sunrise or sunset Parasailing.
Basic is without a dip, Advance is with a Dip. We also have another package with height, sunrise or sunset.
Yes, 2 can go for parasailing again depends on the instructor who will decide at the location.