Knee Boarding

Knee boarding also referred as the modern and simple cousin of water skiing and wake-boarding. Delight in this new and thrilling water-sport in Goa.
The board used for the purpose of knee boarding has slots for holding the knees and this reduces the necessity to focus on balancing the board. Enjoy the thrill of wind while embarking on this thrilling water activity on the beaches of Goa and the activity does not require any private classes with professionals.

Knee Boarding

Knee Boarding



Experience the thrilling surge of knee boarding while at the same time being towed by a speed vessel along the   waters of Goa. All the board Adventures like knee boarding ,wake boarding , paddle boarding etc are quite unique yet similar. Every single one of these sporting action will take you on an exhilarating ride and will make your Goa trip genuinely awesome.

Knee boarding is oftentimes the stepping stone of those who want to learn water skiing and wake boarding. The convenience of having a stable knee board ensures a lower centre of gravity, thereby  making it less difficult to balance. For first time thrill seekers, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a trained professional to make your knee boarding experience more memorable and satisfying.

LOCATION-:  Calangute – Baga

Things To Carry

 Towel, Swim Wear, Change of Clothes, Sunscreen


You will be towed on a buoyant, convex, and hydro-dynamically shaped board at a planning speed , most often behind a motorboat.
Swimming will be an additional advantange while doing any water sports activity.
The front binding should be slightly pointed towards the front of the knee board. The shorter the rope the easier it is to handle.
As per wind condition