About Jet Ski Basic

There’s no denying personal watercraft (i.e., Jet Skis) are an exhilarating ride and a fun way to spend an afternoon on a local lake or reservoir.
At discover Watersports, we provide combo packs and  packages to enhance your trip manifold and in affordable way too. Goal offers a wide range of water games to involve the general tourist who especially visit Goa to feel the thrill.
On the off chance that you know the ins and outs of jet ski ride in Goa before beginning, it can make for an extraordinary trip.
If you are on a lookout for jet ski Adventures in Goa, discover Water sports is the place to be .we rent a jet ski as per your requirement. At discover Water sports , you can take one of our stream skis out on a sunny evening to appreciate an incredible day on the water.

Watersports Ultimate Package
Rs. 300

Watersports Ultimate Package

JET ski Adventure in Goa is one of the most loved water sports.jet ski in Goa is a standout among the most well known sports that happens on water. The capacity to achieve high speeds while on a watercraft that is anything but difficult to control is alluring to many individual.



Experienced and Trained Instructor

A great experience even for non- swimmers

Rip Through The Waves On A Jet Ski

Things To Carry

Sunglasses, Extra pair of clothes, Hat, Sunscreen, Camera


2  minutes

We will ensure you have the best time riding our powerful jet skis as well as explore the nearby areas of the beach with your family and/or friends during your stay in India’s sunshine state: Goa.


80 kg body weight is the maximum that a person can enjoy Jet Ski Ride.
You can ride the jet ski with the operator sitting at the back of you.
Please call on the numbers provided on the website.
Always good to book a slot in advance then waiting in the queue.
Anything relating to beach wear.
One big round like 200 mtrs.
Photos and videos will not be provided.
No it one person along with the instructor along.