3 Reasons To Do Surfing

3 Reasons To Do Surfing

1/ Feeling the freedom

The freedom one experiences during surfing is something surreal and can be life changing. When one is just by themselves against the waves and riding them one by one, it is liberating and empowering to know one can be in the middle of the sea and be in sync with nature.

2/ Perfect exercise

Surfing is a great cardiovascular exercise and builds heart strength by working on your core muscles. It not only burns calories and reduces stress levels but helps in increasing one’s endurance levels.

3/ Perspective and patience

Like managing to ride/handle each wave as it comes, one can relate that to one’s own life and it’s problems and gain perspective on how to deal with such waves/thoughts/problems and navigate our way back to peace. Surfing can help one learn to be patient and deal with problems one at a time with a peaceful state of mind.

3 Reasons To Do Surfing

4 reasons to try Parasailing

  1. Affordable

Relatively compared with other adventure sports, parasailing is a budget friendly option one can pick upon.  It suits most travellers as it gives the perfect adventure adrenaline rush one needs without going overboard one’s budget.


  1. No training needed

One also does not need any prior training to explore parasailing and yet feel like you are on top of the world. No additional equipment or gear is needed as the professionals are already equipped with the same. You still need some prior training for skydiving but parasailing doesn’t  require any.


  1. Ecstacy of flying and feeling light

Everyone might have dreamed about flying at some point or other during their life. Parasailing is one beautiful experience where one can explore that joy of flying amongst the beautiful sky  and with the sea beneath you. You feel light like a bird and empowered while flying with all your troubles of daily life that become non-existent for those pure moments of joy.


  1.   To rediscover yourself and experience joy

It is in moments and experiences such as parasailing that one re-discovers oneself and embraces life and oneself more. To know who we are and just accept the present moment with all it’s beauty and splendor is the most significant reason we should  explore parasailing. One should never miss a chance to explore their adventure side.